Perseverance “no matter what.”

Isaiah 6 Has God called you to a task? Do you stop and ask why me? Do you ask what am I to do? Isaiah heard God ask: whom will we send, and Isaiah answered send me. He didn’t stop to ask all of the 5W’s [= who, what, where, when, why, and an H = how] questions, but he did ask, “how long?”

God answered that he was to proclaim His message until the cities were in ruins, houses uninhabited, and the land is devastated; not exactly a message that men wanted to hear. Isaiah’s response would test his stamina. His response would reveal his perseverance to what God has called him to do. Perseverance is the mark of the true believer, especially when the days drag on, few listen, and fewer believe.

Isaiah’s perseverance would last through five kingships. He would be scorned and belittled, but he remained firm. How about us? If God called you to a task, would you say yes, and would you persevere?

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