John Speaks …Listen to him

be discerning

1 Jn 1-2 Lies vs. Truth

Having just returned from Ephesus, I see myself walking that street that this dear servant walked so long ago. It is as if I can hear him speaking these words to the saints of old, warning them of the lies of our arch-enemy. He is begging them not to listen but to heed the words of the risen Christ. I wonder if he was recalling the conversation Jesus had with the young ruler about goodness. Jesus reminded him of the enemy’s first lie for us: you are good. Jesus said NO! Only God is good.

We live in a time much like the Apostle John lived with the lies of the enemy swirling around them.

Lie #1 You are not a sinner! But Truth #1 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, [Rom 3:23]

Lie #2 You do not need to keep the commandments! Truth#2 When we keep the commandments, the love of God is seen in us, and we are walking as Christ walked who kept all the commandments!

Lie #3 You don’t have to love the brethren. Truth #3 You DO have to love and shower that love upon the brethren, for that shows how you are forgiven.

Lie #4 You can love the things of the world and the love of the Father. Truth #4 You must choose, and God must be first. You cannot love both.

Lie # 5 You don’t have to say Jesus was the Christ. Truth #5 To deny Him is to deny God. If you acknowledge Jesus as the Son, you also have the Father.

Today may we yearn to abide in the Truth, for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. [Jn 14:6] No one can come to the Father if he listens and obeys the enemy’s lies.

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