Parenting 101

Parenting 101

Prov 4-7 Parenting Responsibilities

Once a parent, always a parent. It begins before birth and ends only when you, the parent, pass on into eternity. [If you are a grandparent reading this, know that the next generation will also recall your counsel as good or evil.] Just as when Solomon wrote these words long ago, parenting is fraught with the world’s dangers and Satan’s deceptive ways. Therefore, parents must be attentive to the business of teaching discernment [good judgment and insight] and the rewards or consequences of heeding or rejecting a parent’s counsel.

These chapters encourage a parent seeking to raise a child in the way he should go, and Prov 22:6 will repeat that idea. Jesus told the disciples: I am sending you forth into the world, and it is full of wolves. Truth be known, the world has not changed but has gotten progressively worse! Therefore, we must be wise as serpents but also innocent as doves. [Matt 10:16] As the master deceiver, Satan is shrewd and a liar. He is always planning to thwart our children’s way from godliness to ungodliness and for them to reject their parent’s counsel. Therefore, in Prov 4:20-27, he reminds the child that the deceiver knows the way to enter is through the eye, ear, and heart gates. Teach them that they must be on guard, discerning, and make wise choices if they desire God’s blessing.

Pray for parents and grandparents as well for wisdom and discernment. Pray that we have the wisdom to help children to discern both good and evil. [Heb 5:14]Pray we seek wisdom and wise counsel for children because the master deceiver is busier today than ever.

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