Prov 25-26 Similitudes and Instructions

A similitude is a comparison of one thing to another. Solomon’s words in these two chapters are collected into these two categories using the word “like.” Example: “Like apples of gold in settings of silver, so is a word skillfully spoken.” [25:11] Solomon is comparing the beauty of gold and silver to how we respond to another. The point is words spoken at the right time in the right way can be accepted as the view of fruit sitting perfectly aligned on a platter. How fitting are our words to the hearing ear is the point?

Again, vs. 12, “like an earring of gold and an ornament of find gold, so is a wise reprover to the ear of the one who listens.” We know from 2Tim 3:16 that one of the ways God’s word is used is to reprove or to correct that which is in error. How are our words received? How are God’s words received?

Prov 26 is the view of the wise and the fool. You wouldn’t honor a fool, for he does not understand your words. They must be constantly reprimanded, so choose your words carefully and wisely. Remember this advice from Prov 10  “Wisdom is found in the words of the discerning person…”

The point is that we must be discerning in our words and honoring people. Carefully see what the Spirit is teaching you through these comparisons. Make a list if you desire, and check yourself throughout the day.

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