2Chron 8; 1 Kings 9 Compromising Solomon

Solomon conscripted the non-Israelites to work on his projects. God had said to rid the land of them, but instead, Solomon, like his predecessors, conscripted them, much like Joshua had done with the Gibeonites. What is the lesson from this? Just as God said, they would turn their hearts away from God. It happens, not at first, but spiritual fervor slowly died, just like the frog in the pan over the burner.

Solomon moved his wife, not an Israelite, but an Egyptian, into her own home. He said, “My wife must not live in the palace of the King of Israel.” Compromise brings lessoning of obedience to God’s explicit commands. At this time, just as in our own time, God came to Solomon again. He also comes quietly to speak to our hearts. He reminded Solomon of his prayer and his promise to bless him. He also reminded him of the consequences of not heeding these words. When that would take place, even the pagan nations around would ask: Why did the Lord do this? The answer was clear: “they abandoned the Lord their God.” [1Kings 9:8-9]

Is there something you vowed to do before God but out of the ease of the moment, you chose to compromise? Choose ye this day whom you will serve! [Jos 24:15]

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