Can you spot the counterfeit?

Rev 13-15 In the book of Daniel, the king demanded that all bow down and worship the image he had erected. It was neither authentic nor had power, but Jesus said people would follow and worship the beast and the dragon. Jesus came and provided evidence of His identity, but the people cried crucify him. […]

Keep Looking for Advent signs!

Looking for Advent: Phil 1-4 “Complete your joy” The heavens rang aloud that Advent night so very long ago and hymns have shared that joy which we sing at Christmas time. As we read scripture each day we should be looking for advent clues such as joy and Paul ensures that we do. Paul says […]

“Be Alert!”

In today’s cyberworld we are cautioned by veteran spies to be ever alert to the scams that come across in emails, texts etc. In the time of Jesus He warned his disciples to “be alert,” be observant, be on guard, be vigilant to their world around them because soon their quiet time where they could […]

“What Are You Looking For?”

Jesus no sooner finished his miraculous feeding of the 4000 when appeared on the scene the Pharisees seeking a sign. Where had they been when this was all taking place? Surely had they been there that would have been sign enough or so we would think. However, since early times they and the Jews have […]