“What Are You Looking For?”

ImageJesus no sooner finished his miraculous feeding of the 4000 when appeared on the scene the Pharisees seeking a sign. Where had they been when this was all taking place? Surely had they been there that would have been sign enough or so we would think. However, since early times they and the Jews have been looking for signs and no matter how many God has given, they always seem to need just one more. This reminds us of John D. Rockefeller when at the height of his incredible wealth was asked how much money is enough and responded “one more dollar.” So when the Pharisees asked Jesus for yet another sign he asked: “Why does this generation look for a sign?” 1Co 1:22 For Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks ask for wisdom. Would they have believed him then as THE Messiah? Probably not and that is the way it is today with many who refuse to see and believe the evidence before them because: what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them in creation and still they refuse. Their spiritual insight is as the blind man we see next.

Someone brought Jesus a blind man for healing. Now this man had not seen THE Messiah nor had he seen the miracles that he had performed. He did not come to seek a sign nor did he come on his own seeking healing. Imagine being blind and then being restored to sight and seeing THE Messiah as your first image. How would you have responded? Would you want to see “more?” What more could there be than the very image of God Himself in living flesh? His physical sight and his spiritual sight were both restored to wholeness.

The Pharisees like many want to “see more” but the blind man was content to “see” and believe that the Messiah himself was standing before him. How often are we like the Pharisees and want God to provide just one more piece of evidence that Jesus is who he said he was? Listen to what Jesus said: I tell you the truth; no sign will be given to this generation. Perhaps that is why Jesus told the disciples to beware of the yeast or leaven of the Pharisees for they would never be satisfied to have just plain sight, they needed more convincing.

Beloved, are you content for sight to see or are you looking for yet another sign? May we yearn not for signs but spiritual truth.

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