How Big is Your Dream?

2Sam 7 dream bigger2a2Sam 7 What do you do when all of your work is completed? David sat in his newly built palace and reflected. Here I am in this beautiful palace and there is God’s home, a simple tabernacle. He began to envision a mighty house to hold the Ark of God. He began to dream of what he could do to honor the God who had blessed him so much. But, through the prophet Nathan, God told David that his dream was far too small. He had a greater dream that would extend beyond today and tomorrow and will be here long after he is gone.

After hearing God’s dream, David went and sat before the Lord pondering all of these thoughts. As he did his mind was overwhelmed by the graciousness of the Sovereign Lord and asked; who am I and what is my family that you should bless me so? Are these your words as well?

Have you ever been so overcome with God’s blessing that your words fail to explain what your heart is saying? As you sat quietly did the Holy Spirit bring back to your mind the abundant blessings that God had poured over you? That is how it was with David as he rehearsed the blessings of God upon his life.

Truly God is great; He can do anything; far greater than our wildest dreams—if you will only let His dreams be yours.

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