Choosing to Serve…


When someone shares their heart you either ignore it or dig deeper or just pray. Paul takes a moment here to share his heart and his love for the Corinthians. Paul stopped to say that they were the evidence of his work and in fact he said when I stand before the Lord you, Beloved Corinthians, will be the evidence that God will see. That is the reason I proclaim the gospel message free of charge. I want the evidence more than the monetary gain I might make.  You are the seal of my work and proof of my calling and that is enough for me. I glory in that!

There will always be some who scrutinize us, our walk, and our work. We must stop and ask ourselves:  Why are we even sharing the gospel if it is not to stand before the Lord unashamed as we have presented the gospel which has to power to save?

Why might we choose this when Jesus proclaimed that those who proclaim the gospel should be paid for that work? Let me share personally how I answered that question. Just as Paul, I made the choice to be a volunteer, not paid staff for I did it so that I might, like Paul I might be free to offer the gospel free of charge. I made a choice to serve you FB readers freely without obligation or compensation. And I do it because Jesus did so much for me; it is all out of gratitude for the sake of the gospel.

Is there some place you are volunteering to share the gospel message freely without looking for compensation? Then join me in being grateful for that privilege.

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