The Game of Chess & the New King

Who is the rightful king?

1Kings 1-2, Ps 37, 71, 94 “Usurpers Beware”

The game of chess is like the story before us today. In chess, the first player with a white piece starts, alternating between white and black, and continues until only one piece is the winner.  Adonijah, thinking of himself as heir apparent, saw his opportunity to declare himself king as David lay on his deathbed. Nathan, the prophet, knew of God’s plan for Solomon. He instructed Bathsheba to remind David and anoint Solomon as king.

Life Lesson: Sometimes we need a person of reason to guide us in our decisions; Nathan was that man.

Upon hearing the news of Solomon’s new title, Adonijah now became fearful, knowing the pattern of new kings to eliminate others who might take claim.  Instead, Solomon said he would spare his life if he remained loyal. However, through trickery, Adonijah sought to usurp Solomon by requesting he be given David’s nurse, implying that David’s harem would be his. Adonijah then would be co-heirs with Solomon. At that, Solomon withdrew his pledge and sent Benaiah to kill Adonijah.

The first two chapters of 1Kings are filled with intrigue and powerful lessons for us. We need to take lessons from David about transitioning to the person who will take the reins of our families.

Life Lesson: Do not delay in fulfilling what God has clearly said to do.

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