God knows you, Do you know Him?

God knows you

“The God of Psalm 139 knows you. Do you know Him?”

From sunrise to sunset or when time began and is evermore before us, the psalmist reminds us through visual imagery that we serve an omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient God! Throughout scripture, different authors portray God as an eternal being aware of our being.

Hagar knew God as El Roi, the God who sees and cares about me. The gospel writers tell us that He is the Bread of Life upon which we may feed and the Living Water from which we may quench our spiritual thirst. The Apostle John wrote that He is and was Immanuel [God with us]. He was manifested in human form that we might understand God is Light and God is Love. [1John 1] He was revealed that we might desire His presence in our lives. Again He is the Good Shepherd that knows and calls his sheep by name yet is intimately acquainted with each one and as the Shepherd sees into the womb where a child is being woven as His perfect tapestry. God knows our mindset, ways, and thoughts, yet we cannot even begin to fathom His thoughts. So the psalmist asks: what is man that He should take notice of them.

Each day spend time with Him in His Word so you know Him as He knows you. Then rejoice in His presence!  Seek Him to lead you step by step that you might honor Him.

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