Shine for Jesus today; and every day!

Shine for Jesus today

Judges 3-5 In Judges, we see the fickle hearts of God’s children, and it is the same for us today. We are a fickle, fearful people. What are we afraid of when God is at our side? Prov 29:25 tells us that if we fear men, then that fear will be a snare to us, but in contrast, if we fear God, we will be exalted, given prominence among the lost of this world. The study note on the NET Bible says this means: “The image of being set on high comes from the military experience of finding a defensible position, a place of safety and security, such as a high wall or a mountain. Trusting in the Lord sets people free and gives them a sense of safety and security”

Do I trust God so that this would be my testimony today?

The closing verse of Judges 5:31 tells us: “May all your enemies perish like this, O Lord! But may those who love you shine like the rising sun at its brightest.” And then you and I will experience peace!

Where am I, and where are you shining for Jesus today?

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