Got a problem? Try Nehemiah’s Solution

Nehemiah 4 – 6 With the king’s seal of approval, Nehemiah set off to the city of his ancestors. He quietly took time away from the peering eyes of those who could be the “naysayers” or those who perhaps wore the cloaks of legalese. He took time to scope out the scene. Then he called the leaders together and said “we” have to fix this problem! Amazingly, they agreed. But…just because the majority agreed doesn’t mean that “all” agreed. Satan has his servants both inside and outside. He controls them through fear.

Satan also uses scoffers to deceive with Pharisaical self-righteousness. Maybe you have met them. They are known by their outward piousness. They said Nehemiah is a buffoon to fix a problem that has been with us for over a hundred years!  Remember, scoffers are known by their fruits; they do what they scoff about! They hadn’t fixed the problem and they didn’t want it fixed either! So they scoffed.

Then they sought to distract Nehemiah and his workers through angry words. They even stooped to hire Jews who were more fearful of them than of God. When all those backfired, these enemies hired an insider to get Nehemiah to sin by entering the Temple reserved for those anointed.

Each time Nehemiah went to the Lord in prayer and each time God gave him a discerning spirit.neh 4 prayer2

Remember go to God with your problems and He will give you the answers.



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