How do you handle rejection?

How do you handle rejection?

2Samuel 10: Have you ever done something nice only not to receive a thank you but a rebuff? With a pure heart, David sent emissaries with a sympathy message at hearing the king of the Ammonites died. God sent His Son, but men have rebuffed his message of the gospel. Instead of receiving David’s message with a pure heart, the king’s son saw this as a challenge to war, whereas David had only meant peace and friendship.

There is a story in the NT about a vineyard that belonged to a king, a.k.a. God. God sent emissaries, but none were accepted. Instead, they sought to murder each representative He sent. Lastly, He sent his Son, and they killed him. These two stories are similar in many ways. God sent His Son to the vineyard, but his Son was humiliated. David sent sympathy gifts but the Ammonites rejected his overture. God sent His Son but He was rejected and ultimately crucified.

David had been more than patient with the Ammonites for what they had done earlier at Jabesh Gilead. He chose to retaliate then. God has been more than patient with his children, but there will come a time when He will act like David and retaliate.

What would we choose to do; be as David or patient as God?

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