Rejection and Decisions

1Sam 13-14 How do we handle rejection? The people rejected Samuel in favor of a king. God reminded him that they were not rejecting him but God Himself. That is a powerful lesson for us to remember when we, too, face rejection. Samuel’s humble character is revealed in how he faced this. He went to […]

How do you handle the “no” word?

1Sam 8-10 When you face rejection, what do you do; how do you feel; what is your response? Samuel was such a man. Called by God to lead the people spiritually but rejected because the people did not look with their spiritual eyes. They only saw his son’s faithlessness. True, Samuel did not learn from […]

How do you handle rejection?

2Samuel 10: Have you ever done something nice only not to receive a thank you but a rebuff? With a pure heart, David sent emissaries with a sympathy message at hearing the king of the Ammonites died. God sent His Son, but men have rebuffed his message of the gospel. Instead of receiving David’s message […]

“Acceptance And/Or Rejection”

Acts 6 to 9 The gospel narrative revealed a fickle populace. They wanted miracles but not the Savior. After Jesus’ ascension, the disciples were moved by the Holy Spirit’s power to share the good news but just as with Christ; the message was accepted only as the physical needs were met but rejected when the […]

“Flattery vs Honesty—which wins?”

There is a saying “It’s funny how everyone considers honesty to be a virtue yet no one wants to hear the truth.”  As we read Acts 24 these words should remind us of why, when you share the gospel message and are rejected, it is not you they are rejecting but the very Son of […]

The Resurrected Christ…A View from Matthew 28

A journey with the Apostle Matthew has taken us on a circuitous route, or sinuous if you like. It has been fraught with danger, and filled with expectation of what lay beyond the next bend. We have journeyed in and out of Israel, found those who are faithful and those who are not. It is […]