Rejection and Decisions

1Sam 13-14 How do we handle rejection? The people rejected Samuel in favor of a king. God reminded him that they were not rejecting him but God Himself. That is a powerful lesson for us to remember when we, too, face rejection. Samuel’s humble character is revealed in how he faced this. He went to God, not other people. What do I do when rejected? Do I turn to God and lay this burden before Him, or do I wallow in my self-imposed pity party? May I learn from Samuel that when rejected, handle it with humility.

Saul is chosen king, but he is a faithless king. He is ensnared by his fear of people rather than God. [Prov 29:25] He makes foolish vows which cause the people to be faint, which happens when God is not consulted. He who makes foolish vows will ultimately pay the price as King Saul did. Be wise and discerning when considering a vow because it is usually hypocritical and because of pride. “OUCH!”

Lessons for us from these passages: Remain humble when rejected and understand that God is rejected more so than us. Secondly, consult God before making decisions that will affect others.

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