“Acceptance And/Or Rejection”

Will you follow Jesus?

Acts 6 to 9 The gospel narrative revealed a fickle populace. They wanted miracles but not the Savior. After Jesus’ ascension, the disciples were moved by the Holy Spirit’s power to share the good news but just as with Christ; the message was accepted only as the physical needs were met but rejected when the spiritual needs were noted. 

The Greek-speaking Jewish widows raised a complaint that they were being rejected in the food distribution. Out of this predicament, two men will surface; Stephen and Philip. Stephen will debate and preach but is finally rejected by the religious council, stoned, and left to die. Philip will leave Jerusalem and be used by the Holy Spirit to bring the gospel message to Samaria and Caesarea. A chief rejecter, Saul, meets Messiah on the road to Damascus, and his life is forever changed, yet he too is rejected by many. 

No matter where God has placed us, we meet fickle people. They desire but do not have because, as James said, they ask amiss. [James 4:2] No matter the circumstance, the gospel message is used to pierce the hearts of men, so they are without excuse. [Rom 1:20]

God asks, do you love me more than these? [John 21:15-19] Will you pick up your cross and follow Him—no matter where it leads.

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