“The Peter Problem”

The Peter Problem

Acts 11 Did you ever have a day when God, through the Holy Spirit, reaches down to remind us that we have the message of good news? From Genesis to Revelation, the truth is that Jesus died for all—not just for some or not as one group over another as the first century Jews did. Instead, the Holy Spirit says, “go and make disciples of ALL nations.” Peter also had this problem, and we do as well.

By our very nature, we are ethnocentric; sometimes, even unconsciously, we establish taboos regarding who will hear the good news. We stand guilty before God because we have a Peter problem. Like Peter, we establish a boundary by thinking salvation is for “us” but not for “them.” Peter finally got the message, but it took three times for it to register. How many times do we need to hear: go and make disciples?  Do we need a three-time lesson as well? We are slow to respond not because we don’t know the truth but because we live and move in a ‘holy huddle.’

Just think how life would be different for the Cornelius’ of this world if we ignored the Holy Spirit’s prompting. We must pray that God gives a fresh vision for the world that needs to hear the gospel message.

God is not willing anyone to perish, but all hear and respond to the gospel message.

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