Following the Dream

Matthew 2; Luke 2:39-52 Sometimes God speaks to us in a dream as he did with Joseph of Genesis and Joseph, the husband of Mary here in Matthew. First, when Joseph hears of Mary’s pregnancy, the angel of the Lord comes to Joseph in a dream to not fear but “arise” and take Mary to be his […]

Continuing Through Acts: Chapter 12

“Do You Believe in Prayer or Not?” King Herod, of Herod fame, inflicts harm on the early church to please the Jews. But, God is at work both in and behind the scenes as we read this chapter and see the fulfillment of the words of Jesus “Upon this rock I will build “MY” church […]

Recognizing the Risen Christ

As we read this last chapter in Luke we wonder why he did not focus on just the beauty of the resurrection. Dr. Luke is drawing us into these real life scenes that we might relate as to why there are those today who also cannot understand the resurrection and see how God is at […]

The Resurrected Christ…A View from Matthew 28

A journey with the Apostle Matthew has taken us on a circuitous route, or sinuous if you like. It has been fraught with danger, and filled with expectation of what lay beyond the next bend. We have journeyed in and out of Israel, found those who are faithful and those who are not. It is […]

Hail King Jesus…Worship or Ignore…how say you?

The Apostle Matthew introduced us to the genealogical record of our Messiah in chapter 1. At the end of that chapter we know that two times the angel of the Lord came to righteous Joseph to lead and protect the divine conceived Messiah in Mary’s womb. In chapter 2 we see once again his immediate […]