The Power of Persistent Prayer!

there is power in prayer

Amos 7-9 Amos was just a sheepherder by trade as he shared with Amaziah, the false priest of Israel, but he also had a powerful ministry of prayer. God called him, and he left Judah and his work to follow God. God revealed horrible visions to him about the future of Israel, and with a broken heart, Amos pleaded for God to relent, which He did—not once but twice.

Amos’ persistence with God reminds us of the NT story of the persistence of the man who needed provisions for a visiting friend. He went to his neighbor, who was already in bed, but persisted until the neighbor got up and provided help. Jesus told that story by saying, “because of the first man’s sheer persistence, he will get up and give him whatever he needs.” [Luke 11:8]

What might happen if we pray, not just once but persistently, for our loved ones who are lost and dying or our nation floundering in sin like Israel was?

The power of intercessory prayer is a model for us to follow. Where am I being persistent in prayer?

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