Reconciliation or Steadfast unforgiveness?

Obadiah 1, Ps 82-83 “An Unforgiving Heart” Edom is the land of Esau, the twin of Jacob. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright as well as his father’s blessing. Esau fostered this hatred throughout his nation, and they carried a bitter grudge for centuries. Outwardly, Esau acted like he forgave Jacob when he returned home, but years later assisted the Babylonians as Judah was fleeing. They were traitors to the core, all because of an unforgiving spirit.  So Obadiah writes that they will be made small, be slaughtered, face shame, be swallowed up, and be extinguished from the earth. What strong words!  

Obadiah reminds Edom that they “should not” have done what they chose to do and provides a lesson for us about cultural and racial hatred. Instead, we are to pray for those who curse and mistreat us, hoping they will turn and be saved. [Luke 6:28]  The reason is to hope “that they may seek you, O Lord…and know that you alone are the Lord, the Most High over all the earth.” [Psalm 83:16-18]

Where are we praying for cultural and racial reconciliation? Are we a part of it or a hindrance?  

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