A Test: Who is the True God?

2 Kings 1-4 King Ahaziah has not yet learned or accepted the true God of Israel. He falls through the lattice roof but sends his messengers to go and inquire how to be healed by the false god Baal Zebub.  God sends Elijah, the true prophet, with a message to Ahaziah. Because you reject Me, you will not recover but die. In anger, Ahaziah seeks Elijah, but the fate of his new messengers is death until the last set of fifty who humble themselves before the prophet. Yet, even with this evidence, Ahaziah still rejects God, His prophet, and His word.

Today, many like Ahaziah hear but reject the truth. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” [Jn 14:6] He who seeks for me will be found, and I will give him life everlasting.[Pro 8:17; 8:35] Like Ahaziah, they are listening to the “Baal Zebub’s” of this world. They reject God and His Word and will die in their sins and face the everlasting fire of hell.

Do you know the true God, or are you listening to Baal Zebub’s false words? Just as Elijah prophesied, so did Ahaziah die. [2 Kings 1:17] And now he knows which God is real. Don’t wait until death is before you; accept the true God and be saved. 

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