God’s ways are not our ways

2 Kings 5-8 Out of the Mouth of Babes

Elisha is a prophet in Israel, but the King of Aram and his entourage have no knowledge of him and his work, yet God has His way of drawing the less fortunate to His side. This wicked king of Aram has a devoted servant in his entourage, a leper, who had captured an Israelite girl child and placed her in the house of this leper. One day while working, she innocently said to her mistress: “If only my master were in the presence of the prophet who is in Samaria! Then he would cure him of his skin disease.” [2 Kings 5:3]

The king writes a letter to the king of Israel seeking help. Enraged, the king of Israel sends this soldier of Aram to Elisha, the prophet, who tells him to go and wash in the Jordan seven times. Grumbling, he stalks off, but one of his men cautiously reminds him that if Elisha had said to do something hard, he would have done it, so he submits and is cleansed.

How often do we experience challenges only to growl and grumble rather than seeing God at work as we obey? God desires obedience rather than sacrifice. God used a little child for Naaman’s healing, and He may do the same for us.

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