Reconciliation or Steadfast unforgiveness?

Obadiah 1, Ps 82-83 “An Unforgiving Heart” Edom is the land of Esau, the twin of Jacob. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright as well as his father’s blessing. Esau fostered this hatred throughout his nation, and they carried a bitter grudge for centuries. Outwardly, Esau acted like he forgave Jacob when he returned home, but years […]

“The Consequence of an Unforgiving Heart”

Obadiah 1, Jer 49:7-22, Ps 82-83 How many of us have heard of the Hatfield and McCoy feud. It went on so long that no one knew what the original feud was about! This book follows somewhat that same pattern.  The book speaks to the nation of Edom, whose ancestor was Esau, the twin of […]