God and Jabez

1 Chronicles 4 “God Knows Us…”             

The Chronicler noted the lineages of many people without descriptions until we get to chapter 4, verses 9 and 10. What was so important that the Chronicler mentioned Jabez out of the entire lineage he had been recording?

Jabez’s life seems like a mystery to us, but God has the answers. He poured out his heart to Him, who knows all things in eternity past, today, and tomorrow. Jabez was more honorable than all of his brothers, yet, in humility, he earnestly desired God’s best for himself. While others may have been busy with many things, Jabez was worshiping God.

Jabez began his prayer humbly, “if  you…” Jabez wanted the full scope of the blessing! He even noted what that blessing would entail and included protecting me. He wanted or sensed he needed a hedge of protection. And God answered his prayer; all. four. parts.

So why did the Chronicler insert this man out of all the many? Could we be busy “working”  rather than just seeking God’s best? Take a lesson from Jabez. Be bold and ask God to bless you.

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