Be Confident of this very thing…

1John 5 Do you have any doubts? Do you worry?  Take heart dear reader, for John shares the secret to quiet assurance. It is the belief that Jesus is the Son of God. The Greek word for believe is [pist-yoo’-o], meaning to be persuaded of, to credit, to place confidence in. Did you grasp that […]

I Kings “8:28”

I Kings 8 “8:28” Many of us who study and memorize scripture are familiar with the “8:28” verse in Romans which is a promise that God has made: “that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose,” But there is another “8:28” verse hidden in […]

“The Mind Boggling Confidence”

1 John 5 “The Mind Boggling Confidence” A sunrise is mind boggling and yet we can be confident it will happen tomorrow and the next day and the next. There is one more thing that is even more mind-blowing and that is we can know for certain that if we were to die today we […]

Are You Ever Ashamed of Christ?

What would be your answer to that question? There more “shamers” amongst us than we want to readily admit. Let’s look at the evidence.  The disciples failed to trust Jesus to provide sustenance for the crowd. Is this us too?  Do we like the Pharisees look for a sign rather than trust Him? Are we […]

May I Pray for YOU??? (1John 5)

Yesterday I received an email from a “buddy” who is struggling. How my heart goes out to this person! 1John really spoke to my heart today about the confidence I have in Christ to boldly approach the throne of God for this person. May I have the privilege of doing the same for you? Here’s […]