Children’s Decisions and God’s Protection

Daniel 1-3 Today, our children are bombarded with the enormity of decisions. As it is true today, it was in Daniel’s time. Our arch-enemy seeks their souls, but God’s ways are not our ways, they are higher and superior. [Is 55:8-9] Century after century, God has sent His prophets and men to speak to His […]

Follow the Truth!

Rev 13 to 15 The Contrast of Evil vs Truth    John offers the epitome of evil to the blessed reader and the glory of truth through the image of the Lamb. Both have followers who are obedient to their words, yet the outcome is vastly different. As always, the beast is a master counterfeiter. His […]

Are You Ever Ashamed of Christ?

What would be your answer to that question? There more “shamers” amongst us than we want to readily admit. Let’s look at the evidence.  The disciples failed to trust Jesus to provide sustenance for the crowd. Is this us too?  Do we like the Pharisees look for a sign rather than trust Him? Are we […]