Follow the Truth!

The Song of Moses

Rev 13 to 15 The Contrast of Evil vs Truth   

John offers the epitome of evil to the blessed reader and the glory of truth through the image of the Lamb. Both have followers who are obedient to their words, yet the outcome is vastly different. As always, the beast is a master counterfeiter. His follower’s loyalty is noted by the visible mark on their hand or forehead, mimicking the OT custom of the Jews and wearing of their phylacteries. The acceptance of the Beast’s mark seals them for all eternity because they have denied God. They obey for today but not for eternity. True Believers need to pray for discernment when that time comes.  Contrast this to the Lamb’s followers who are not defiled.  They too are marked, but with the Father’s name on their forehead. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes because they are redeemed, and they are blameless. John shares this glorious truth through the song of Moses:

God’s works: Great and marvelous are Your works.

God’s ways: Just and true are Your ways.

God’s worthiness: Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name? For You alone are holy.

God’s worship: All nations shall come and worship before you. [thoughts by David Guzik]

May we join them as they share in this hymn the wonder of our marvelous God.

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