“The Mind Boggling Confidence”

marc-olivier-touch 1john 51 John 5 “The Mind Boggling Confidence”

A sunrise is mind boggling and yet we can be confident it will happen tomorrow and the next day and the next. There is one more thing that is even more mind-blowing and that is we can know for certain that if we were to die today we would stand before the heavenly throne and see Jesus in all of His glory.  John is proposing that idea to his readers. He is saying you can have mind-blowing confidence because you believed that Jesus is “THE” Christ. It was because of your faith in this claim that you can be confident that you are conquerors of all that comes your way—even death. This is the testimony: God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son!

John has written this short little letter to his flock. Over and over he notes “I have written or we are writing.”  It is John’s legacy of his love for the flock that he is pastoring. As this letter was passed down through the centuries it is as if we are reading it firsthand. John is writing to us! John says I am taking pen in hand: ch 1:4 “so that our joy may be complete; 2:1 so you may not sin; 2:21 so you know the truth; 2:26 so you can be discerning regarding the deceiver and his workers; 5:13 so you may know that you have eternal life.” All of this is possible because you took a step of faith and believed that Jesus was who He said he was: the Son of God.

All of this is mind boggling but true. It is so simple a child can know it. Do you?

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