Mom’s Take Heart…This blog is especially for you!

moms and children 1John 42ADo you ever wonder if all your parenting is coming to naught? Then this blog is for you and especially for the Moms.

2 John “Mom’s Take Heart…Others Are Watching and Noting”

The Apostle John wrote to the elect lady “I rejoiced greatly because I have found some of your children living according to the truth, just as the Father commanded us.”

Nothing makes a mom’s heart be more encouraged than when someone speaks glowingly of their children’s actions, or behavior.

Stop right there

As you listen are you inwardly asking yourself:  Is this the same child I live with 24/7?  You smile but you think: Do they really know my child?

Yet, the Apostle John noted some children indeed were living out their faith. What an encouragement to hear these words from someone who has been the observer not the one who has been living it day to day, night after night! To hear that all of your prayers, sweat and tears have been noted are God’s gift to a mom for persevering in all of the tough times, the sweet times and the prayer times.

Mom’s, today if you are feeling weary of training your child, take heart and be spurred on by John’s words.  If your child is fearful, pray for courage. If your child is disobedient pray for a spirit of obedience. If your child has a special need pray for God to give you wisdom and your child to understand. If your child travels a distance to school or work, pray for their safety. Whatever the need is for them, bring that need to the Christ who came in the flesh, the very Son of the Holy Father; He hears your prayers.

Bring your children to the Lord just as the parents brought their little ones to Jesus to seek His blessing.

ps These same words could be just as well be written to Dad’s because they too are part of the parenting team. Once a parent, always a parent; so be ye “steadfast always abounding in the work of the Lord, your labor is not in vain.” [1Cor 15:58] Succinctly that means not only are others watching and noting but God is watching your perseverance, your steadfastness. Do not grow weary in well doing! [2Thess 3:13]

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