Who Am I? Who Are You?

Proverbs 26 “Who Am I? Who Are You?” Jesus told a parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee, in his boasting, left his time of worship just as he came, unforgiven and unloved by God. The publican in his humility left his time of worship full of joy because the Father God saw […]

Judging—yes or no?

How often have we heard this phrase: you are judging. Yet, if truth be known we all judge. We judge which foods we want to eat based on likes and dislikes. We judge ideas by choosing truth from error. But, to judge another’s heart is for God alone for He is impartial. God knows which […]

Holy Halo or Humble Thorn? 2Cor 12

Have you ever met or heard of someone who seems to wear a holy halo? They are known by their superfluous adjectives or with a long drawn out face about their recent God encounter. Jesus warned the disciples to beware of these Pharisees who roam about in long robes and utter long drawn out prayers […]

Heart Issues…1Cor 11

In all of life there is an order to be followed. God designed order so that there would be peace and tranquility. He even asked Job where he was when He laid the foundation of the earth for that is when He instituted order in creation.  In chapter 10 Paul reminded the Corinthians that orderly […]

What Lap Are You On?

We all know that when the Lord teaches us a lesson and we oft forget it, He sends us around the wilderness, so to speak, to re-learn it. Some of us “get it” and others are still out there wandering like the Pharisees and Sadducees who are blind and leading the blind into the pit. […]