Judging—yes or no?

romans 2 mercy of god2 How often have we heard this phrase: you are judging. Yet, if truth be known we all judge. We judge which foods we want to eat based on likes and dislikes. We judge ideas by choosing truth from error. But, to judge another’s heart is for God alone for He is impartial. God knows which of the two kinds of people will stand before him one day: self-righteous sinner or repentant saved (saint) and he doesn’t really care if they are Jew or Gentile!

God sees the self-righteous  person whose attitude is reflected in their judging of others while ignoring self-judgment first. The  saved  has  a  righteous  attitude  that  recognizes  one  thing:  it  was  God’s  kindness  that  led  him/her  to  repentance and therefore he has no need to judge for that is God’s prerogative .  The  sinner  has  failed  to  realize  that  he/she  is  without  excuse   when  they  judge  someone  else.  For  on  whatever  grounds  they  judge  another,  they  condemn  themselves,  because  they  who  judge  practice  the  same  things.  [Rom 2:2 paraphrase].    Paul in  writing  to  the  Romans  reminds  them  of  this  when  he  writes about their attitude:  “you  have  contempt  for  the  wealth  of  [God’s]  kindness,  forbearance,  and  patience,”

Jesus’ parable of the  Pharisee  and  a  publican reveals  this  mindset. One day two men went up to the temple to pray. A confident Pharisee stood praying, thanking God  for his  accumulation  of good works all the while judging others. In  sharp  contrast,  the  publican  would  not  even  look  up  to  heaven  and  sought  the  mercy  of  God.  Only  one  went  home  justified  and  it  was  NOT  the  Pharisee.  He who has ears to hear learn this:  “everyone  who  exalts  himself  will  be  humbled,  but  he  who  humbles  himself  will  be  exalted.” [Luke 18]

Like the publican we should be entreating God’s mercy so we can sing “thank you Lord for saving my soul, thank you Lord for making me whole
” for salvation is His work alone.


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