Who Am I? Who Are You?

who are youProverbs 26 “Who Am I? Who Are You?”

Jesus told a parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee, in his boasting, left his time of worship just as he came, unforgiven and unloved by God. The publican in his humility left his time of worship full of joy because the Father God saw his heart. This is where the intellectually wise and the simple fool part ways. If truth be told, sometimes we find ourselves wearing the shoes of one or the other.

We need discernment to decide the character of each before us. There is the Pharisee; loud, prideful and pushy who can’t see beyond their noses; speaking gracious words that belie what they really think. They are only wise in their own opinion.  It is certain that there is more hope for a fool than them.

There is the publican graciously waiting his turn in the line of the faithful as Esther did. She waited patiently to seek the ear of the king and see the scepter extended her way.

The Father God sees it all.

He sees through the Pharisees words as evil deceit from a lying tongue and a flattering mouth—all of which will bring down their ruin.  Beware of them. Like the rich man in Luke 16, their earthly pomposity will lead them to the eternal pit of hell where they will look over and see the humble, basking in Paradise.

Who Am I? Who are you? One day we will stand before the wisest king who will hand down his judgments. Ask God now to:

 “Examine me O Lord and test me!

Evaluate my inner thoughts and motives.” Ps 26:2  


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