All Alone

John 5 “All Alone”

all alone 2 john 5a

The movie “Home Alone” is about a child who somehow got left behind when the family set off on a vacation. No one was aware of his absence until they reached their destination – in Europe. The mishaps he went through brought lots of giggles. But in John 5 this is no laughing matter. The man at the pool of Bethsaida is “all alone.”

Jesus had been in Galilee but returned to Jerusalem for a Jewish feast. While there, he strolled through the five covered walkways near the pool as if he were looking for one person in particular. We don’t know if he had stopped there previously but today he was looking for this man who was “all alone.” Jesus does the same for us. He is looking, seeking and stops.

“Do you want to become well?”

“Do you want to be saved?”

“Do you want to live in heaven with God for eternity?”

Whatever situation you are facing, His questions penetrate the soul.  He wants you to realize He is there. You are not alone.

All around him were others with family members, friends or someone but this man said “I..have no…one…” His heart wrenching statement reveals his desperate situation and causes Jesus to stop and reach out to him.

Do you feel you are all alone? Just as Jesus stopped to inquire about this man, Jesus stops to say you are not “alone.” I am here to meet your need. I will be with you and I will never leave you or forsake you.



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