Are You Revealing God’s Glory?

John 2 “Are you Revealing God’s Glory?”

john 2 water into wine2a

When there is a task that needs attending, do you do it half-way or all the way? Do you do it to reveal God’s glory or your own?

Jesus was an invited wedding guest to a wedding in Cana of Galilee. While there,  Jesus’ mother noted a problem; the wine had run out.  As a mother, her first thoughts were how to help, so she solicited the help from her #1 son just like many mothers would do. Note his answer: Woman, or as we might say, ma’am, why are you telling me about this problem? Yet because this was the perfect opportunity to reveal his glory, he left his merriment and sought to end this drama by producing the wine needed. He instantly changed the metabolic nature of the water into the finest of wines. And to be sure there no question as to what happened; He engaged the stewards or servants of to be His witnesses. He ordered them to fill the jars to the very top; then give some to the wine steward as evidence of the miracle which just happened.

The water became the finest of wines as noted by the steward. In this way, Jesus chose to demonstrate to his disciples a practical lesson and a spiritual lesson. The practical was when you see a need; meet it–whole-heartedly. The spiritual lesson was that in this way Jesus He revealed his glory—and his disciples believed in him.

When Jesus transforms he does it miraculously to reveal His glory. You may not do a task with a miracle, but when you fulfill a need which is out of the ordinary, you show God’s glory to others of His transforming power in your life.

Stop and think: whose glory are you seeking to reveal? 


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