The Rabbi Messiah is Revealed

john 1 baptism2aToday’s reading is in John 1 “Rabbi Messiah is Revealed”

How often do we not “recognize” the Rabbi, the Creator God? We see the beauty of the changing leaves, the newly fallen snow, but we take it for granted.  God gave us his marvelous creation but it was and is ignored. So then, He sent Moses and the Prophets, but they too were ignored. So, God sent John the Baptist to reveal His Blessed Son in full-blown flesh residing among men.

John testified, “This is the One!”

The news reverberated around Israel, so the Jewish leaders sent priests and Levites in from Jerusalem to find this man they had heard about. They had been students of Moses and the Prophets but came seeking answers to their questions.

You can almost visualize the scene, can’t you?

Dressed in their flowing robes walking miles through the desert to find this man everyone was talking about. “Grumble, grumble, complain! Why are we out in this god-forsaken desert? Why doesn’t he come to the Temple?”  When they found him, he was dressed in his camel-skin garment eating locusts and honey! On top of that, they saw him baptizing others in the River Jordan! “This is the man with the answers?” With eyes rolling, they stood on the riverbank and peppered him with questions:

Who are you? Are you Elijah? Are you the Prophet? Why are you baptizing?

John answered with one statement: I came baptizing with water so that he, the Rabbi Messiah God in the flesh, could be revealed to Israel.

Even John admitted that he did not recognize the flesh and blood Messiah either—UNTIL the Spirit of God revealed Him to him. But once revealed, he recognized and received Him! He then recalled the promise: to all who believe in the Rabbi Messiah’s name has been given the right to become a child of God.

He told the questioners: I am now a child of The True Rabbi Messiah—and you can be too!

Are you at the place of the questioners? Like John, you too may not have recognized the Messiah yet, BUT if you are willing to allow God’s Spirit to speak, He will answer all of your questions and He will reveal the Rabbi Messiah to you. Then if you receive Him you too will become a child of God.

It is just that simple! Recognize Him. Receive Him. He will reside in you!

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  • you said
    It is just that simple! Recognize Him. Receive Him. He will reside in you!
    this “him” is Jesus Christ. the savior of all the world who will recognize that “He” went to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so we can live for ever with God in HeaVEN! Praise God for his grace !!!

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