Thou Shalt Not Kill

Mark 15, Matt 27 It seems that the religious leaders conveniently forgot this commandment God gave through Moses. They were, as Mark noted, envious of Jesus. They tried in vain to remove Him from leading the people. Interestingly, earlier, the people had tried to make Jesus a king, but He removed himself so that could […]

The Tenth Commandment & Repentance

1 Kings 20-21 King Ahab of Israel flaunted and disregarded the Ten Commandments of God. His disregard of the tenth “thou shalt not covet” was like sticking a finger in the eye of God. He had seen the power of God at the Mt. Carmel contest, yet he needed a “trinket” to salve his loss. […]

What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

If Jesus could come to you and say “follow me” what do you think it would entail? Would it mean liking Him like we do on Twitter or Facebook? Is this all Discipleship is,  “liking and following Jesus?” Down through history, many have chosen to follow men who have risen to power. Michael H. Hart […]

Anointed Ones Abide! (1John 2)

They say opposites attract but is that really true? We usually use the standards of how we are attracted by one’s physical appearance, by their status, by their education. We oppose those who are different than us.  But, Jesus said we will attract others not by how they look, by how much money they have […]