The Tenth Commandment & Repentance

1 Kings 20-21 King Ahab of Israel flaunted and disregarded the Ten Commandments of God. His disregard of the tenth “thou shalt not covet” was like sticking a finger in the eye of God. He had seen the power of God at the Mt. Carmel contest, yet he needed a “trinket” to salve his loss. Visiting the beautiful vineyard of Naboth, he offered to buy it but was rebuffed because Naboth treasured his inheritance. No matter how much money Ahab offered Naboth, he refused to sell to the king. What do you treasure more than your very life? What about your eternal inheritance? Is it worth more or would you be willing to sell your soul to the highest bidder?

Ahab is like a spoiled child and retreats to his room to pout. Not to be outdone, Ahab’s wife plots to get the vineyard through the satanic tool of “seek, kill, and destroy.”

Perhaps Peter was thinking of this story when he wrote those words in 1Pet 5:8 and warned the Christians to be sober and alert!

Ahab broke the tenth commandment, but God’s grace and mercy outweigh our sins. Humility goes a long way in God’s eyes. Where are you pouting? Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God. [1Pet 5:6]

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