Planning Ahead

be wise

Prov 13:22a Inheritances

A good person leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren, so says the Proverbs writer. In Prov 17:6, the Proverbs writer says that grandchildren are like a crown to the elderly. A crown is something that adorns the head as a symbol of honor and respect. Grandchildren are our crown that we wear proudly to show the world and others of our love for them and our joy at being their grandparent.

What am I leaving for my grandchild? Is it riches? Is it honor? What is it? Today’s children have so much materially but what about the spiritual riches we are leaving them? Are we leaving them with wisdom about God and His love for them? Are we leaving them the gift of discernment that will guide them step by step?

Today stop and ponder what gift you are planning for your children’s children. Then plan and follow through on that plan so that you are being a wise executor of your will for when God calls you home.

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