Planning Ahead

Prov 13:22a Inheritances A good person leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren, so says the Proverbs writer. In Prov 17:6, the Proverbs writer says that grandchildren are like a crown to the elderly. A crown is something that adorns the head as a symbol of honor and respect. Grandchildren are our crown that we wear proudly to show the […]

“God’s Recipe for Fudge”

Have you ever read a verse of scripture, closed the Book and walked away and said, what did I just read or what does all of this mean to me practically? To illustrate, think of making fudge. You cook it and wait for it to “fudge” but it just remains gooey and seems to be […]

How Do You Worship?

One of the greatest compliments ever paid to Christianity in the first century is that believers’ lives were so changed from the inside out that they turned the world upside down. Is that what the world says about us or do we fade into the background? If ever there were two psalms that should ignite […]

Worthless vs Ideal Words [ Matt 12 &Prov 16 ]

I love this picture to the left because it reminds me that even if I am faithless He is faithful. I don’t know if you can relate but often have I cringed at something I have just said and the verse in Matthew 12 comes back to convict me.  It is then that I am […]