How Do You Worship?

ImageOne of the greatest compliments ever paid to Christianity in the first century is that believers’ lives were so changed from the inside out that they turned the world upside down. Is that what the world says about us or do we fade into the background? If ever there were two psalms that should ignite our passion it is Psalm 95 and 96 which mirror Romans 1:20. God’s very creation sings for joy and we should be as well.

As you read these two psalms note the imperative verbs: Come! Shout! Sing! Bow Down and Worship! Proclaim! Tell! Ascribe! Say! Kneel! Announce every day! How can a Christian be silent when we read words such as these? As you enter the sanctuary open your hearts to worship and let the Illuminating Holy Spirit enter and change you from the inside out. Go forth and proclaim to those about that you are a new creature in Christ…and do it TODAY for Psalm 95 implores that.

Who is the Lord Most High? He is majestic in His splendor, note that the psalmist used that word three times in vs. 6,7,8. What does that mean to you? Spend some time pondering that you are entering the Holy of Holies. Dress in holy attire for you come to stand in the presence of the King of Kings.


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