What will people remember?

What will people remember about you

2 Chron 2-3, 1Kings 5-6 There is a church in a city in Florida that has sat for years untended and unfinished. Whoever was in charge did not seek peace, and today the courts are in control with no resolution. Recalling that image and the backstory is so unlike the story before us today.

David’s life and all he had done sent a powerful message to King Hiram of Tyre. Although a pagan king, he noted that the God of Israel was the God of the heavens. David’s life had left a powerful message that those who seek the Lord will be blessed and be a blessing to others. Although David was a man of war, he sought peace with his people and those nations surrounding him. James’ words come to mind: “And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” [Jam 3:18]. That is the backstory of how God prepared for the new Temple and how God opened the doors of heaven to bless Solomon with materials and men to build it.

There is a life lesson here for us. God uses men to do the work, but first, He prepares the heart. We may not be the one who sees the fruit of our work, but others do. What message will my life leave for those who will follow me?

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