The Last Words of David…

2Sam 22-24 Closing the book of 2Samuel I always become a bit teary when I come to the end of one book. In 2Samuel I have walked with David through each chapter and have come away knowing that although these are his last words, they are not the “last” words. When my life draws to […]

God protects David and Us as well

1Sam 25 David’s men had protected Nabal’s sheep and his men, but Nabal, whose name means fool, does not consider this worthy of reward and in anger sends David’s men back to him. David reacts with a vengeance in his heart, but God protects him from taking innocent blood, and it came through Nabal’s wise […]

Today: To Ponder: Who is God to you?

Who is God to you? In reading Psalm 132 three lines in particular stand out among the rest: God remembers, God keeps his promises, God is one who determines and carries it to fruition. God remembers: We can begin as far back as Exodus where God remembered his covenant: Exo 2:24 God heard their groaning, […]