Be Impartial

Open the eyes of my heart Lord

James 2 See with Jesus Eyes 

When I grew up, I was faced with prejudice and all its faults. I was forbidden to have interactions with those of another race and another ethnic background. I found it hard to understand but found that little by little those factors crept into my thinking. So, when God saw that He sent me three people to change that perspective, and I praise God for that. No longer do I see with my human eyes the differences but now pray for God to show me His love for each one regardless of their background or ethnicity. James seems to have faced this head on in the church in Jerusalem where there were both the poor who had come to Christ and the wealthy who had come to Christ. Yet, both carried the baggage of their former life into the church and so it is with us; sadly. 

James reminds the reader to look at this situation through the eyes of God. He accepted Rahab who had no lineage to the Israelites, yet it was to her that He revealed Himself and she called him “El Roi,” the God who sees me. He also accepted Abraham, the father of the Israelite nation. To both He is saying; “But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors.” [James 2:9] Beloved, this should not be! Christ died for all and all should be accepted equally.  

The question before us is this: are we looking with our heart or with our mind? Are we evaluating each through the heart of God? Do we select to whom we will offer the cup of cold water? Jesus ministered to all no matter their social background or lineage. How about us?  

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