Choosing to Trust and Obey God

amy-velazquez-gen 12 to 15 trust me.2aGenesis 12 to 15 “I am not quite sure, but I’m going to Trust and Obey.” These words were spoken by a young man in an evangelistic meeting and later set to music as a hymn by John Sammis. One line reflects our lives and the life of Abraham.

“When we do his good will, He abides with us still and with all who will trust and obey”–even when we are not “quite sure.”

Beloved, what God has spoken He will do. That is the essence of the gospel message.

In Genesis chapter 12, God said to Abram: “I will make you into a great nation; I will make your name great; I will bless those who bless you.”   And yet, like many of us, Abram wavered and perhaps doubted for we find him seeking help in Egypt and telling a lie to protect himself instead of trusting God to provide. Also, not too many verses later we find Abram questioning God about His promise to provide an heir.

Many, perhaps even you, like Abram, have received a word of blessing but like him, we waver as we wait. Reader, even if you aren’t sure, step out and know that God is a promise keeper if you will only trust and obey.

detective-questionsSo here are some questions for you to consider:

Are you like Abram?

Is your belief shortlived?

Do you, like Abram, fail to trust that God will fulfill His Word of blessing to you?

God is saying will you trust Me? I am not a man that I should lie. What I have spoken, I will do.  [Num 23:19]

Pray with me: Father in our weakness make us strong, forgive us we when we don’t trust you. We now choose to trust You and obey you stepping out in faith…even when we are not sure.


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