Hagar is God’s Cinderella

hagar gen 16.aGenesis 16 Remember Cinderella; treated unrighteously by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters? Her life was one of drudgery day in and day out. Her fairy godmother came and gave her a reprieve for one night and in the end, she was loved by the prince who searched for her when she fled the ball at midnight. It is a fairy tale but Hagar is God’s Cinderella. After being sold she became Sarah’s servant in Abraham’s tent. Sarah, in many ways, resembles Cinderella’s wicked stepmother in attitude and character.

Sarah’s plan was to have Hagar sleep with Abraham so that she could have a child. When Hagar fulfilled that order, Sarah became disenchanted and despised her and began to treat her harshly. There was no fairy godmother, no pumpkin carriage, no glass slipper, no Prince Charming, and no ball to attend. Instead, day after day Hagar worked with no relief and so Hagar ran away. This is where God steps in and the gospel is presented.

God saw her condition, heard her plea and promised that he would multiply her descendants. Hagar responded, “The God who sees–SEES me.”  Yes, like Cinderella, she returned to the dust and ashes but now she knew that God cared for her and her unborn child.

Hagar is like us. We are slaves of the unrighteous wicked Satan but God sees, God cares and God gave His Son to pay the penalty of our sin. That is the gospel message in a nutshell.



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