Mountains, God’s Voice & Trust

Psalm 125: A mountain can withstand a storm’s fury standing tall and erect, yet from a spoken word from the God of the universe, the rocks can tumble forth. The psalmist recalls a time when it seemed like life’s troubles, like tumbling rocks, came calling. The nation was experiencing all of the dangers the evil […]

God is in the Valley, where are you?

1Samuel 17  While Saul is assembling his army and camping in the valley of Elah the Philistines are doing the same. In the meantime, a giant named Goliath taunts them for  40 days!  While this is going on, David is busy tending sheep many miles away until one day his father sends him on an […]

The Time is Now!!!

Clara Scott authored the hymn “Open my eyes that I May See”. The first stanza reads as : “Open my eyes, that I may see, glimpses of truth thou hast for me…” As we read Revelation 6 more than ever we need to see with spiritual eyes for the truth within is almost more than […]