God is in the Valley, where are you?

1Samuel 17  While Saul is assembling his army and camping in the valley of Elah the Philistines are doing the same. In the meantime, a giant named Goliath taunts them for  40 days!  While this is going on, David is busy tending sheep many miles away until one day his father sends him on an errand to take food to his brothers in Saul’s camp. It was there that David learned about the one who defied the Lord of Israel.

He also learns about the reward to be given to the man who takes Goliath down but so far there are no takers. David’s brothers want to send him packing but King Saul is intrigued. David boldly says to a discouraged king “I will go and fight the Philistine.” Can you hear the guffaws and see the shaking of heads. To humor David, the king says all right, put on my armor and go see what you can do. Yet, David only needs his slingshot and 5 little stones because he knows that God is not just on the mountain but He is in the valley below. As he tended the sheep he knew God was beside him, behind him, before him when the lions came to steal the sheep. That is a truth Gideon learned, Jonathan learned and David learned.

End of story, Goliath the taunter became Goliath the corpse as David’s slingshot sent a stone flying right in the spot to fell him. The sword that he was going to lop off David’s head became the sword that David used to cut off Goliath’s head.

1sam 17 god in the valley2a

God is on the mountain as well as in the valley. He is with you when the lions attack and when there is peace.  The question is:  Where are you?  

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