God is on that Mountain, Where are you?

1Samuel 14  King Saul was sitting under a pomegranate tree. The king’s son, Jonathan was ready to go and engage the enemy. Jonathan knew where the enemy was but he also knew that he could not face them without the Lord. “Perhaps the Lord will intervene for us” was his prayer. What is your prayer as you face the enemies of God?

When God has a plan, He not only instills it in our heart but brings along an encourager willing to lay down their life like Jonathan’s armor bearer was willing to do. Remember this; the battle is the Lord’s and He has given us His armor bearer, the Holy Spirit to go with us. We can be like Saul who feared the enemy or like Jonathan who feared/revered God. God used the example of Jonathan and his armor bearer to expose the weakness of Saul’s spiritual strength. Saul was in it for himself, Jonathan was in it for God.

Jesus willingly laid down his life for you that you might engage the enemies of His and He can show Himself powerful. Jonathan said God is on that mountain, let’s go, and trust God and that is what we need to do.1sam 14 god on that mt2

Are you under the pomegranate tree where it is safe or are you ready to climb that mountain?

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