God is on that Mountain, Where are you?

1Samuel 14  King Saul was sitting under a pomegranate tree. The king’s son, Jonathan was ready to go and engage the enemy. Jonathan knew where the enemy was but he also knew that he could not face them without the Lord. “Perhaps the Lord will intervene for us” was his prayer. What is your prayer […]

What do you think of sin?

Do you casually dismiss what God says about sin? Learn from this sad interlude in the life of Joshua. Joshua 7  Joshua may have been the ‘never.look.back’ man, but even he faced trials and like us, he too sometimes fell flat on his face seeking answers. Take the case of the sin of Achan. The […]

When Was The Last Time You Talked to God and…

Deut 2-4 “When Was the Last Time You Heard God Speak to You?” Have you ever asked the people on the street what they think of the God of the OT? Many think that there are two “God’s.” There is the God of the OT as a cruel and harsh taskmaster but the God of […]

Prayer and Gorilla Glue

1 John 2  “Family Prayer is like Gorilla Glue—stuck for a Life Time” [I just got a text from a friend. Heading out to be with family; can’t wait! We can pray together! Does that resonate with you? Does your family pray together? If not, then this blog is for you! I must admit I was […]